Ladies of the 90s Mixtape

DJ 321 Ladies of the 90s BACK(1) Check out the latest project from me and DJ 321! The Ladies of the 90s Mix-Tape…

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Tabi Bonney LaLa

If you’re an EJ fan… then you already know I’m a Tabi Bonney Fan!!!

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Quitness Over

So it’s been a while since I left my personal promotion firm.

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Ida Divine GTFOH

Latest video from the very talented Ida Divine. GTFOH… I use this phrase daily…

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Hasan Salaam – Father’s Day

So the homie Hasan just dropped a new video Father’s Day! I’m loving it!

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Yep, My true fans know I talked about this show a bit back.

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Locke Kaushal

I’m telling you ….

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Empress Journee : Welcome !


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