Throw back video for today

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Have A Bad Day Episode 2

This foolishness here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Another Ill Collabo Presents The Best of Jodeci

Now when DJ 321 pitched this project I was already Jodeci… Hometown… What hells yeah IN! But he was so hype!

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Fleet DJ Conference

I’m so slacking on my blogging… Getting ready for the Fleet DJ Conference coming up next week. You know the GM’s job is never done. So if your in the business trying to build… We will be in ATL next week!!!!!!!! Do much is going to be going on!!! I can’t wait!

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Have A Bad Day Episode 1

TV gets old fast. There was a great of time where the only thing to watch were realty shows.

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New music video from F.Y.I.

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The Places You’ll Go

Man! This is still one of my favorite mix-tapes ever even if I wasn’t on it! I love it!

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Denmark Vessey & Scud One – HoeininDaGaddaDaVida

This video crazy as hell. But I’m a sucker for a story line!

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Empress Journee : Welcome !


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